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A Halloween Themed Super Organizer Universe Radio Show


Tomorrow on October 30th from 10 to 11am PST I am giving the listeners a fun Halloween Themed Super Organizer Universe Radio Show!!

You ask what does that mean for a show that talks about Organization and Time Management????

Professional Organizer and fellow Halloween Lover Julie Ulmer from Minding Your Manor gives us great tips and more!!

Tune in and find out!!!

Here is the link to listen LIVE:



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Spin The Wheel!!

Last month I introduced what I call the “Random” episode of my radio show, Super Organizer Universe Radio.

Occasionally from time to time, i will have episodes where i pick a variety of topics under Organizing and talk about them!
WE have a spinning wheel sound and I randomly go thru my over 500 blog posts and pick on and elaborate on it! THIS Friday (tomorrow) It’s time for another one and i have returning guest Frank Moran with me! IT will be a fun time AND informative!!

2015-08-04 12.31.44_resized

This is just one of the things I am trying out to keep my radio show fresh and interesting yet continue to inform and help!

Here is the link for the show tomorrow that starts at 10am PST :

You can follow ME on FB at The Super Organizer

You can follow Frank on Twitter at @happygojackie and Sundays with ME on The GH Report on Afterbuzztv!




Holiday Season Is Upon US!

I was in Big Lots the other day and I saw that the Christmas Section was already up and out!!!!! We have barely gotten thru Labor Day and Halloween is still weeks away!! WTH!! It is too much for ME to take!

With that said, I love this time of year. We have THREE great holidays coming up; Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas of course.  I have a great Halloween themed Radio show coming up on Friday Oct 30th with Professional Organizer Julie Ulmer! She’s great and we talk tips!! Because this time of year we buy a LOTT of stuff and can’t store it anywhere. So I invite you to listen to our show on on Friday Oct 30th from 10am PST/1pmEST. That’s Super Organizer Universe Radio!!!


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You Asked For IT…You will get IT!

GREAT news! People have been asking me WHEN will my radio show Super Organizer Universe Radio will be available on iTunes!! Well……It will be happening!! Stay tuned and when they are up and running on iTunes, i will let you know!!  Very excited about this development!


In the meantime you can listen to my previous shows by clicking this link.




Tomorrow’s Super Organizer Radio Show with Julie Ulmer


I have a fantastic guest for tomorrows show! Her name is Julie Ulmer and she is the founder of Minding Your Manor!

Julie Ulmer is a Columbia and Rensselaer County, New York native who has built an extensive business as a professional organizer since 2003. Even in childhood, Julie always had a desire to “set things to right” and later her organization skills were vital as a radio broadcaster, an administrative assistant and a busy working mom. Her former career as a cook and chef at some of the area’s finest restaurants helped her continue to develop her natural talent and encouraged her pursuit of simplicity, efficiency and productivity.

Julie’s special knack of helping people manage their possessions, homes and offices has benefitted busy professionals, business owners, retirees, the chronically disorganized, those struggling with ADD, stay at home parents as well as second home owners.

Serving Columbia County, Rensselaer County, Berkshire County and the Capital District of New York

Clients have recognized that her compassion, understanding, non-judgmental approach and ambition have helped them move forward faster. She services the Capital District as well as Columbia & Rensselaer counties of New York and the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. She writes a bi-weekly column for the Chatham Courier. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, the Institute for Challenging Disorganization and the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce.

(the bio is from her website: )

We will have a fun, helpful conversation. Tune in LIVE from 10 am to 11 am PST ! Here is the link:

If you cant make it for the LIVE show, it will be podcasted shortly thereafter! Check out my YouTube page ( and subscribe while you’re there):


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Super Organizer Universe Radio

Every Friday and including this morning there is my Super Organizer Universe Radio on

Todays show is another ALL TIPS show shared with all of you in my own unique voice!

The fun begins at 10 am PST and here the link to listen LIVE:

To listen to later or if you have missed any of my older shows, here is the link:



S.O.U.R Show that aired July 10, 2015! with PO’s Elizabeth Greer Taylor and Business Optimizer Jenny Peterson


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