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Happy 115th!!!

Today marks 115 episodes of the Super Organizer Show also known as The SOS Show with James Lott Jr, formerly known as the Super Organizer Universe Radio Show! Since June 2015, Ive had many amazing people on the show! Love the topics and affecting change in the world!


Thank You to Adrenaline Radio and Bryan Leon and all my guests, the listeners, my family, everybody!! Here’s to 115 more!!

My guest for the 115 episode has been on more times than anyone else, Lisa Kelly Woodruff! She is amazing!



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A Week from Today: The Relaunch!




Last Super Organizer Universe Radio Show Tomorrow!



There is one FINAL show under the name Super Organizer Universe Radio! Its this Friday Jan 8th at 10am PST! This is the link:

I’ve done the radio show under this name for the last 6 months and decided with the help of a career advisor close to me to change the name.Its a lesson on keeping an open mind, always! Also allow for making changes along the way of your journey. I’m excited to bring you this last show under this name. Those shows were really good and I look forward to bringing you even better shows under the new name The Super Organizer Show! 



The Super Organizer Universe Radio Show Gets A New Name…

I promised you a major announcement! The first of many to come in 2016 as i advance my businesses and brand! I am RENAMING my HIT radio show! We are going from The Super Organizer Universe Radio Show to The Super Organizer Show. #SOSShow


The relaunch is Friday February 5th!! It will be the SAME fun, quality show I’ve been bringing you since last June! Just a new name change and more content! Also there is a new FB page and twitter page! Please LIKE them both for updates and more. In the meantime the show returns January 8th and will run with the current name for the next episodes leading up to the Feb 5th show!

Thank You so much for the support!!!!




Hello All! I am always looking for ways to bring my businesses to the next level. I have the first of several major announcements for 2016 happening this week! I am excited to let you in on the first of several changes to existing projects!!!! If you are a fan of my radio show, stay tuned…..


An Extension of my Blog and my Practice!


A radio show about helping you find the path to success through organization of Mind, body, spirit, home, car, or office. It’s a fun, lively, informative show.  And from time to time other Industry Professionals Clients, and people from all walks of life will join in the conversation. James is a Professional Organizer and Certified Life Coach.

EVERY Friday at 10amPST/1pmEST I am LIVE on the radio on

Here is the link:

And if you want listen to past episodes go to my YouTube page The Super Organizer Universe James Lott Jr

(Coming soon to iTunes)


The Man Show on Super Organizer Universe Radio Show

The Professional Organizing Industry is MOSTLY women, so when I find another male I get EXCITED!!!!! AND I am excited to have this person on! He is much more than being male, he has a wonderful podcast Organize Mindfully and great philosophy! His name is Mark Dillon!


It WILL be a GREAT conversation between us! Tune in LIVE tomorrow Nov 6th from 10 to 11 am PST!! Here is the link:


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