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Super Organizer Saturday: Here’s Some Great Christmas Storing Supplies!!


I don’t work for Big Lots! I am not a paid spokesperson for big lots! I AM a Big Lots Buzz Reward member and frequent shopper! I found they items in their Christmas section that I think are great items for storing Christmas items! AND they are so affordable. I am passing on the info to YOU!!!!


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The Super Organizer Likes To Help A Lott

I am a Certified Life Coach and I have a coaching practice. A week ago I fulfilled a dream of mine and released a Life Coaching Series Podcast! Its called 15 Life Tips to Self Care Series One. I chose 15 topics that came up in my life coaching and address them in plain speak. They are audio and not long, between 8-20 minutes long. They also kicked off the Lott of Help podcast, where i have people who are coaches, motivational speakers, and  community leaders talk about important issues we are facing. This work is extremely rewarding to me and I love sharing it with the world.

15 Tips to Self Care Series One was released on my 3 year anniversary as a life coach. Right now it is available on my page. iTunes and iHeart radio are next! Click HERE to go to series. Enjoy!


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Sort Out Saturday and Sunday Holiday Tip



I like to share with you things that I like and find useful and helpful. I’m always reading online and in print the latest organizing and time management tips and solutions. I even try some out for myself.

I found this in Real Simple. Sometimes you just want easy and simple. Click on this link about Sheet Pan Dinners and Quick Fridge meals:



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Hooks Can Be Your Friend

When you are dealing with limited space, you have to find creative ways to store your items. One thing that helped one of my clients was installing hooks on the back of the bathroom door and closet doors. Just a couple, not too many. You can hang towels, jackets, robes,etc.

There are all kinds of hooks of diffrent shapes and sizes and materials. For example if you can put holes in the doors, there are the kind of hooks that have strong tape backing for easy install and remove. See below:


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Product I Like:Bedside Storage Caddy

Such a great idea!

Goto this link for one example where to buy it online


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Super Tip Monday: Clear Containers Are The Best!

Many professional organizers ( including myself) like to use clear plastic storage containers for a de clutter and store project.  I’m going to list some of the reasons I like to use them:

1- you can see what you have.
2- you can monitor how much you have.
3- there are decorative ones. Different colors and shapes and styles.
4- because you can see inside, there is no outta sight, outta mind.
5-clean make a space look clean and neat.

Make sure you get ones with handles and lids. Makes it easier on you to move them when you need to. And easier to stack. Another though I have is that you can see exactly what you have and what kind of space you have left. Those are useful during the organizing and maintaining processes.


What Is My Favorite Fabric Softener?

Suavitel!!! My favorite! Just wanted to share with you all!