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Super Organizer Sunday – Music and Organizing

In the beginning and set up stages, I need to concentrate and put together the plan to edit and organize a space, but once that is established..bring on the music.

I love music! I am a recording artist too! Music motivates me and helps me continue in the process. The right kind of music can also make the tedious tasks a little more bareable. It doesn’t matter what kind of music, that is up to you!

Try it while you are going thru a junk drawer or cleaning out a pantry! Its fun!

And under shameless self promotion, maybe my new album Salty Clouds and Sunflower Dreams may provide a good soundtrack to you….or my organizing song with Chog, Running Smoothly!

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Super Thought of the Day- What Would Happen If I Didn’t Go Grocery Shopping For A Week?

Image result for no grocery shopping challengeWhat if you didn’t go to a grocery store for a week?

Would you have enough food to eat without running out? Now make sure you answer that question correctly. I’m not asking if there is food there but you don’t want to eat it LOL Would you have enough food to eat for a week?

Some people hoard food or buy so much food and just store it until it goes bad.

Lets eat our food and declutter those spaces!

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Super Thought of The Day- What If I Used The Sauce Packets

Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet Costume SetInspired by a friend of mine, I decided to start using the sauce packets ion my drawer!! Yes the sauce packets! More than likely they will sit in there and go back and you’ll be throwing them out one day. So I thought what if I used them instead of the bottles that I have. So that’s the mustard, ketchup, mayo and salsa! Now I have no more packets of sauce in my drawers. Try it

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Sort Out Sunday – Do You Even Use That Anymore

Image result for old blender

Today I am asking you to go throughout your house and find the items you haven’t used in years. Things like a blender, printer, chopper…is it just taking up valuable real estate in your home. Have you upgraded since then?

For example, I had a regular blender for years then I got a Ninja Blender and use that. The regular blender just sat there. I got rid of it and donated it and now someone else who needed a blender has it.

I always think that the stuff that is just sitting in my house not being used could make someone else happy.


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Super Tip Friday- Schedule Time To Become A Do-er!

People ask me how I get stuff done. What they are really implying are, James how do you all the things that you do and complete them and put out product within the 24 hrs a day we are given. LOL Well I am going to share a tip with you. Here it is:

Schedule the time!

Literally schedule the time! Use a regular calendar, your google calendar, dsayplanner, whatever that will work for you to schedule the time. That’s how I complete tasks. So how do I do it…

I walk around and take notes on what I need to do. It can be laundry, emails, write a book, go in the garden, and plan out the week. (If that is too much, plan out the next day) TO start out I would block 2 hours per task (later you will know about how long to block out time). Now you don’t have to use the full 2 hours. That’s not important. But you have the time open to you.

After you schedule the time, you stick to it and you work ONLY on the task for that 2 hours. Don’t still try to do 2 other things at the same time. Stay on course and just work on that one thing.

Now if you go over the 2 hours that is fine. Especially if you are working on a creative project, work on the task until you are feel you are done. Then you look at the things you may have scheduled that you didn’t get to and reschedule them. The big thing is to complete items.

This system does require you to make a schedule. You are asked to be present in what you do. AND you have to hold yourself accountable. There is a chance to complete tasks and this is the simplest way for me to explain how I do it! You can do it too! And don’t be hard on yourself as you being this. Start out slowly and you will get there!


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A Hard Truth About Getting Organized

Image result for hard truth quotes

Happy October!! Its the Super Organizer here and I want to share a truth about getting organized with you!

It requires your time and energy to get organized in the first place!

I don’t want to sugar coat things or lie to you and say it’s super simple.

I’m not going to tell you that it’s fun and exciting either!

What I am going to tell you is that it is life changing in ways you may have never imagined. Once you get through the difficult and sometimes strenuous part of getting things in order, it’s amazing afterwards. You get time back in your life. Stress is lowered. The risk of injury due to clutter is gone. TRUST ME you will thank me later! Really you will!

I invite you to dig deep for the will power to get organized. It will really bring you happiness in the long run!

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Super Organizing Others!

Here are some examples of my work over the years….

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