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Super Tip Monday- 3 Reasons Organization Helps With Stress


1- When your items have a regular place to be, it reduces the stress to try to find them.

2- When you are organized,you have a better chance to be on time for appointments and events. No stress being late or having to deal with people who don’t like you being late!

3- Writing out the steps to a project is the beginning of making that project go smoothly!

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Make Your Home More Appealing w/ These Easy and Affordable Projects by Guest Blogger Erin Reynolds

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Make Your Home More Appealing with These Easy and Affordable Projects


When you have to sell your house, you want to make the most you can and do it as fast as possible. Of course, moving is also very expensive, and you don’t want to put a lot of work into your home that won’t necessarily pay off. Fortunately, there are plenty of things homeowners can do to make their place more appealing to buyers that take only a little effort and even less cash. We’ve outlined some of our favorite home improvement projects anyone putting their house on the market should consider doing.


Paint Vinyl and Linoleum Floors


When it comes to making DIY home projects affordable, your best friend is paint. A gallon of paint costs as little as $30 depending on the brand, so your time is the biggest cost when it comes to this project. Vinyl and linoleum floors can make your house look cheap. Painting vinyl floors a bold color or pattern gives your home a cool and modern look that appeals to buyers.


Add Mirrors Throughout the Home


By adding mirrors throughout the home, you don’t just make the place look larger. When people tour the place, they will constantly be seeing themselves in it… literally! A great way to add mirrors to your place without spending too much money is by securing cheap, framed mirrors to doors with the frames and doors painted to match. This is especially great for closet doors, where that last-minute reflection can catch outfit snafus before heading outside.


Declutter Everything


When it comes to staging a home to sell, all real estate agents suggest two things: get rid of personal items and declutter like there is no tomorrow. When it comes to personal things like pictures, diplomas, and souvenirs, you may not be ready to get rid of a lot of them. However, you still want them out of sight and out of mind while you are showing the house. Get a head start on packing by boxing these items up and keeping them in an off-site storage unit where they can be safe and secure until it is time to relocate.


However, when it comes to extra items that have no sentimental value, it’s time to get tough. Decluttering your home means getting rid of anything that doesn’t have a purpose in your life. Eliminate thoughts of “what if” or “maybe in the future.” If you need something in the future, you can buy a new one when that moment comes. For now, it can either go in the trash or to a local charity, wherever it best serves its purpose. Best of all, this project costs you absolutely nothing and will cut down on your packing once you finally sell!


Tips for decluttering:


  • Don’t just clean out the areas you can see! Your home’s storage is one of its biggest selling points. Get rid of junk hanging out in cabinets, closets, the attic, and anywhere else you store things so browsers can get a clear idea of all the house has to offer.
  • Send items places where they are needed most. While used decor and clothes can find a new home through a thrift store, your old towels, blankets, and cleaning supplies can be a huge help for the animals living in your local shelter.
  • Get your hands on a copy of Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Not only will you learn how to successfully let go of items that do not “spark joy” in your life, you will also learn how to keep your home tidy and organized so it looks great and is ready for people throughout the home-showing process.


If you want your house to look great and sell faster, you don’t have to put a lot of money in it. You can give cheap vinyl floors a chic update with not much more than a can of paint. If you want your house to look bigger while appealing to more people, add mirrors throughout the place. Finally, the most cost-effective way to make your house look great to buyers is by clearing out clutter. Box up and store sentimental items, but be ruthless when it comes to letting go of things that do not “spark joy.”


Thank you Erin!! You can follow her at

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Workshops from the Super Organizer for June and July! Sign Up!



When you attend 5 classes, your 6th class is 50% off

When you attend 10 classes, your 11th is free (and subsequently your 22nd, 33rd, 44th, etc)

When you get 3 or more people to sign up for a class, YOU get 50% off. That is every class that happens.

Upcoming class offerings:

Wednesday, June 6th – The Super Organizer’s Guide to Listening=Results (ONLINE) 6pmPST/9pmEST

Saturday, June 16th– Brunchnizing- Paper Organization and Filing  12:30pmPST

Saturday, June 30th – The Super Organizers Guide to Get Organized Part 1  12:30pmPST

Saturday, July 7th– The Super Organizer’s Guide to Organizing with Others  12:30pmPST


To Sign Up– send me an email at

Payments accepted- Cash, Venmo, Square Debit/Credit , PayPal

Small Steps lead to Large Rewards!



Super Thought of the Day- You Are The Boss!

I REALLY like this!! You are in control of procrastination! You can be in control! Don’t let procrastination control you! YOU can make the choice to start organizing!! I’m not saying its easy but it is a TRUE fact!!! Something to think about…


The Super Organizer Challenge!!!

So I was watching a TV show where they actually counting every single item in your space. For some people its 8,000, others 10,000. When I heard those numbers, I started to look at my house! I gave this challenge to my students at my last workshop and now I am giving it to you!

Get rid of 3 things every week from your space.

It doesn’t matter how small or how big. It can be 3 pencils. It can be a dining room set! The goal is to have in your house the things you actually use, whether it’s everyday or seasonal. The other goal is getting to know what you have. Sometimes we forget things we own and you may be able to use them now that you know!

Each week I am going to post the 3 things I get rid of on my FB page The Super Organizer.

Secondly, if you get rid of three things, try not to bring 3 things in that week. (Food and drink excluded)

Happy editing!!

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Super Thought Of the Day- What Would Happen If I Wasn’t Organized?

I do so much every day. I have two companies to run. I am on TV and radio. I am a Professional Organizer, Life Coach, Recording artist…You get the picture. In order for me to do all these things and more, I have to be structured and organized. But what if I wasn’t organized? I am scared to think what would happen! Many of you out there have a lot of things going on. It is my hope you are being organized, but what if you are a person reading this who is not organized?

I ask you how it is working for you? Or not working for you? Do you double book plans? Are you forgetful and miss appointments or are always running late to them? Do you go to the store and forget what you need to buy? Is it an extra ten minutes to find the car keys everyday/

All of that would drive me crazy.If you aren’t organized, think about how it makes you feel on any given day. Anger, frustration, sadness, broke…how does it effect your mood for the day? Well consider getting organized. It makes your life run smoother! Read this blog, if you are in LA, come take my workshops, hire a Professional Organizer. Begin the process of changing your life into an organized one!

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Join Me in LA on MAY 19th For 7 Tips to Get Organized..with Mimosas

And sparkling cider for those who don’t drink..



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