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Sort Out Sunday: Re-Purposing to Build Your Urban Garden

In my quest to reduce clutter, i have found the world of repurposing items in my home. I recycle and donate but also re-purposing works.

I’m a gardener and love plants and flowers inside and outside of my home. If you are too, then use glass bottles, jars, cups as vases for flowers and plants. You can decorate them and make them fancy but can also leave them clear.

try it!

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Here IS Something To Think About As We Start The Week


I completely agree!! thank You Peter Walsh!!

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Here Are Your TWO Midweek Organizing Tips!!!

It’s the middle of the week and I’m in the organizing mood! Well I’m always in an organizing mood!

I’m gonna share TWO quick tips with you all:

You have a small bathroom- if you are tall, use a high spot on the wall and place a shelf or metal rack and put towels up there. If you aren’t as tall, behind the door, put up a rack and hang the towels there. (make sure you don’t mix currently used towels with clean ones).



This could also be a spot for other bathroom supplies too! 

Hooks inside cabinets can help maximize space. Like in bathrooms: You can hang hairdryers, Pouches of beauty products like Q-tips, cotton balls, makeup, lotions…In kitchens: You can hang pans, big utensils…



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Releasing Clutter Lets Good Stuff Come In


I believe that a cluttered house, cluttered car, cluttered desk or cluttered mind BLOCKS all the possibilities from coming to you.

I believe that you have to LITERALLY clear things to let the sunshine in.

Whenever you say statements like:

Nothing good ever comes my way.

I wish i had a man.

I want a better job but can’t find one.

I feel stuck.

Take a look around your surroundings. Take a look inside your mind and way of thinking. I know from my experience and with working with many people, the best is out there, it can’t SEE you!

Think about what I am saying.

So make a commitment to getting organized and decluttered.

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If You Have The Day off, Then DO One Thing Today To Get Decluttered

For many people July 3rd is a day off because the July 4th holiday falls on Tuesday (tomorrow), so I want to suggest something for you to do that won’t take much of your time. We are always trying to find ways to declutter our spaces. Also I believe you can do that by doing little things along the way.

Grab a sheet of paper and rip it up into at least six pieces. Get a pen and write on each piece of paper a different area. (Ex. Kitchen, Bedroom closet, bathroom, behind the door)

Fold each sheet in half, closing up the word on the inside. Put in a bowl or hat! Shake it up and reach in an pick one.

No matter what spot it is , Get rid of at least 4 things in that space that don’t belong there. That includes: old, broken, stained, a group of something missing a piece, trash, recycling, belongs in a different spot.

Then you are done for today!! Enjoy the rest of the time off!

Happy Fourth!!

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Super Organizer Saturday: What To Do With Duplicate Photos.

Image result for duplicate photos

Remember when you had a camera and you take pictures and then you had to get then developed. Oh my how we have changed. WELL many of those pics are out there. I remember when photo places would have specials like 2 for 1. NOW you have all of these photos and in many cases multiple copies.

Stacks of photos can add up and take up space! You don’t have to throw them all out. I have fun and meaningful solution.

Take all duplicate photos out. Your space will increase. Take those duplicate photos and give or send to the appropriate people. Maybe your aunt would love pics of you and her daughter who is no longer with us. Your best friend lost that picture of you and him and your dates at the prom. You can give him a copy. Its meaningful and decreases the clutter in your space. AND its sends positivity into the world.


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YOU! Yes YOU! Are You Not Getting Things Done?!

Image result for setting a schedule


Here is something I do all the time, especially when I have a lott of things to get done:

The night before or first thing in the morning:

Get a piece of paper, get a calendar, get a white board, get something you can WRITE on! 

Make a list of all the tings you need to get done that day.

Group anything that is similar (ex. making reservations for travel: car, plane , hotel)

Next to each thing, give yourself an hour. Block out an hour of time. Write down the time (ex noon-1pm)

Make sure you schedule lunch and dinner breaks and if you have to, schedule 15 min breaks every couple of hours.

Then either get an old fashioned timer, or the timer function on your watch or phone and start.

Only Focus on that task during that hour. 

If the time goes off and you aren’t done, access where you are in the process and if you need more time, then add time and push everything back according to the added time. (ex- you need one more half hour, just adjust the times accordingly.)

if you finish early, then you can start the next project (and adjust the times) or take a break.

See how this system works for you! Are you completing tasks? Does your speed or pacing change knowing you have an hour?

I love it! Now I can approximate how long each task will take and schedule more accurately!

Try it !!!



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