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Music I Like To Organize TO: Anastacia


Anastacia!!I LOVE HER!! She has a powerful voice and many of her songs are strong, upbeat, positive songs!! Great beats! I always feel motivated when I put her on and organize and clean!

She’s American who found fame in Europe!! You can go to for more on her!




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Sort Out Sunday: Another Use For a Cardboard Box

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Do you order online? Do you buy in store? Either way you might buy items that come in a box. There are alternatives to breaking down and throwing away the box, especially if they are in good shape. And it doesn’t matter if there is print on the outside or not,because you can usually you can use the inside.

Image result for cardboard art

You can break down the box, cut along the creases and use the smaller pieces for :

Handmade signs


take two pieces and make a makeshift backing to prop something up.

Image result for cardboard signs

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It’s Summertime So Our Big Brother Aftershow is Back!

I LOVE doing this show so much! and we are on at a new day and time Fridays at 1pmPST/4pmEST!! Thank you to everyone who watched LIVE! See you all summer!!!


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Happy Birthday Prince Rogers Nelson


Today he would have celebrated his birthday! I still can’t believe he is not with us on Earth! We will not hear any NEW music from him. (any music we hear has been created from the past) We can’t go to any concerts and see him live anymore. No more TV appearances or movies or anything NEW! He was such a prolific artist I could only imagine what more he had in his creative mind!

Minnesota has declared this Prince Day and everyone is encourged to wear his favorite color Purple. I will continue to mourn the loss of an artist i respected and admired.

Happy Birthday Prince Rogers Nelson!

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The Big Brother Price Is Right Aftershow Special

I had the BEST time reuniting with some of my co hosts from the Big Brother Aftershow we did last summer for BB17! It was so much fun to watch contestants from pervious seasons of Big Brother team up fans and compete on the Price Is Right! It was fitting that Janelle and Dr Will were the final two!!

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Music I Like TO Organize To: Prince (1958-2016)

The death of Prince has rocked me to my core. He was such an influential part of my life. The last 35 years of my life his music and his messages resonated with me and made me dance, laugh and cry. He always sought his truth through music. He challenged race, religion, sexuality, gender and love. His prolific nature and ability to play 27 instruments showed his talent and strong work ethic. He loved doing what he did, which is a lesson to us all! He also made women a huge part of his band! He did rock n roll, R & B, jazz, funk, new wave, punk, classical, and dance.He called his fans, friends. I got to see him in concert 4 times over the years. I have very one of his albums, yes even the latest ones. I was playing the Prince album form 1979  the night before he passed. The will NEVER be another!



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Great Convo With A Great Cartoonist!


African-American cartoonist Robb Armstrong. His award-winning daily comic strip, Jumpstart , reaches 80 million readers and is syndicated in more than 300 newspapers in eight countries: the Los Angeles Times, the New York Daily News, The Boston Globe and more. The Jumpstart strip is considered the most widely syndicated comic strip from an African-American author in history. Jumpstart’s positive depiction of African American life flies in the face of racial stereotypes and has given him the platform to make an impact on humanity and widen the lens about who appears in comic strips.

Described by People Magazine as “one of the hottest young cartoonists in America,” Robb Robb will be releasing his new book, Fearless: A Cartoonist’s Guide To Life, on April 26. Published by Reader’s Digest, it will be sold at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon:…. As an African American cartoonist, Armstrong has drawn many lessons from life that he shares in this moving memoir. Weaving together his personal stories of his journey to success, and hardship along the way, with simple drawing tutorials and original illustrations, Fearless is both a compelling read and an inspirational lesson on how to live well, through the good times and bad.

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