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9 Years Ago Today I Changed My Entire Life!

The other day I was recounting the story with my mom on how i came back to LA after 22 years of living elsewhere! I want to give a shout out to my best friend Michelle! At age 39 i was taking a big leap back into familiar yet new territory. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen or how everything would manifest itself, all i knew…I was unhappy and needed a change. I am glad I came back to LA. I feel it was the right time. I love everything I am doing professionally right now! I am the luckiest man in the world! And life is getting better!

Like my song above I Am Ready (available on on music platforms but click here ) are you ready to make positive changes in your life and take a leap of faith….


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Four Years Ago Today….

Today marks my 4 year anniversary of my 1st blog post! I was encouraged to start a blog by my talented blogger brother J R LeMar 

My first blog post wasn’t even about organizing. LOL It was about almond butter. and being a morning person

I have logged over 1000 posts and over 100K hits of this very niche blog site.

I gained a radio show from this blog that is will be celebrating 3 years this June. The SOS Show with James Lott Jr is my pride and joy. Thanks to Adrenaline Radio and Bryan , and now thanks to folks at iHeart Radio!

I am going to continue to write this blog as its morphing into my website. I have books and stories and tv shows planned as an organizer. I am in school continuing to get my education on the business. It’s a thrill!

Thank you to everyone who supports this blog and me! I am grateful beyond belief!

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18 Things You May Not Know About The Super Organizer James Lott Jr

18- One of my favorite albums/CD’s is Red Dust and Spanish Lace by Acoustic Alchemy.

Image result for red dust and spanish lace acoustic alchemy

17- I was totally into New Age music back in the late 80s/early 90s.

16- I took Cello in junior high and hope to try it again someday.

15- I was a Notary Public for 4 Years.

14- I have a Teletubbie Back Pack from back in the day ( the purple one)

Image result for teletubbies backpack

13- My problem is too many books. I have to watch my hoarding of those.

12- I love 5 X 7 lined note cards.

11- I have notebooks everywhere. So whenever i have an idea, I write it down.

10- I still like to write things down.

9- I’m a good swimmer.

8- I have an actual timer for timing some of my projects.

7- I hate been late unless to make an entrance at a party. I hate being early to parties.

6- I love the color green.

Image result for green

5- I don’t wear enough green and i would like to change that

4- I get crushes on people all the time

3- I love going to Grocery stores across the country!

Image result for publix

2- I love Paper products and office supplies.

1- I miss drinking coffee. its been three years!

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Super Organizer Tuesday: 8 Years As The Super Organizer

The name was divine intervention! No one else had it!! I was 40 years ago and trying my hand a entrepreneurship! It was exciting! It was scary! It was mine! I’m finally my own boss and I can run things the way I see fit. How long can I do this? I didn’t have a clue. Could I do this? I thought I could try…

Thank you to everyone in the beginning! My first clients who took a chance of me. Thank you to my longtime clients who are still with me when they need me. Thank you to my clients who refer me to others.

I have a blog, a radio show/podcast and the more certifications! I am doing speaking and teaching engagments and working on books! The world is mine to continue to explore and expand! The message to all of you is…you CAN do it too. or at least…try….

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1000 Blog Posts!!! Insert Profound Statement Here:

1000!!! 1000!!!! I see this number and I don’t believe it! 1000 Blog posts in 3 years!!  AND I wrote 95 percent of them!!!

I look back on my first post  and i wasn’t quite sure what i wanted this blog to be! Some of those early ones, like my Top Ten Songs of 2013 in my iPod!!!!???!!!  I don’t even have that iPod anymore!! I can look at my 100th Post which came in April of 2014, 4 months after I started or my 800th post which came in 2016! I have had the determination to keep this blog afloat.

its a very niche blog mostly about Organizing. I have over 100,000 views and i am proud of that. It is small compared to others, but I am growing and i came from scratch!! I want to take everyone who LIKES and shares and comments!! I love this blog and it brought me a radio show/podcast and other opportunities!! I hope to be doing this for a long time! THANK YOU!


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Super Organizer Thursday: So MANY Amazing Professional Organizers



I’m on the road and I’ve done a few LIVE From.. episodes of my radio show The SOS Show with James Lott Jr   

From doing those I got to talk with Professional Organizers from different parts of the country and who have AMAZING resumes. They also LOVE what they do! ALSO I have gotten a lot of interest from other organizers to come on the show and they have amazing resumes and are going GOD’s work out there affecting change in the world.


All of this has reaffirmed my commitment to this growing and evolving industry!  Professional Organizers with specific skills and niches are growing! Highly specialized! Committed! Ready!  I urge anybody reading this, if you think you could use an organizer, use one! DO it!

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Super Organizer Wednesday: ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Image result for happy birthday images

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