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The Super Organizer Has Bells Palsy, What Is IT?

The pic above was from Day 3 of my Bells Palsy. People have been asking Me what Bells Palsy is??? So I am providing a link for those who are curious. I am on a crusade to educate people on this condition. It can strike anybody at any age and time. There are several factors that go into how someone can get this. FOR ME, it was extreme stress!! So I am telling folks to MANAGE your stress!!! It is no joke. Having half of your face paralyzed is NO JOKE!

I am starting to get feeling back in my face. I am in pain tho, but I am pushing thru. Here is the link if you are interested in what Bells Palsy is:

I am still laying low so that I can recover fully! I will be back!!!!


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Some NEW Updates to The Super Organizer Universe!

Hello My followers!! How are all of you? Thank you for allowing me to continue to do this 4 years in. As times goes on, I am always looking at the blog. I am not in the same place I was 4 years ago, so my blog is naturally changing too.My viewership/readership is at an all time hit for this niche blog. That makes me so happy! Thanks you! So  I am trying out some new things, and dropping others. I want to keep it fresh for you AND for me! Some of the changes have already happened, so you may recognize them, othekrs are being implemented. As always let me know what you think! Enjoy! 

I am retiring (for now) the Quick Tip Tuesday and Thursdays and the Fast Friday Facts.

I’ve started doing bilingual posts in Spanish and Dutch.

I am starting the new categories: Super Share, Super Thought of the Day, and Super Tip, Super Product

I’m keeping the Sort Out Sunday (which i am working into a book), Super Organizer (about me) 

I am evolving and morphing outside of this blog . My business is shifting to more media and teaching based services, less actual organizing. So its an exciting time for me and hopefully for all of you out there who follow me. Please continue to watch my progression. I will share the ups and downs with you along the way with lessons I learn.

Everyone keep dreaming and acting on those dreams!


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How Being Disqualified For An Award Taught Me A Positive Lesson

I was recently told that I was being nominated for a prestigious award given to one person every year by an association I belong to. Then literally a few weeks later I was told by said association that I am not eligible because of a technicality. I was disqualified. Just like that. The high and then the low.

What was the thing that deemed me ineligible? It wouldn’t mean anything to you. It‘s basically my official status and type of membership. Associations and organizations have rules and some have tiers of membership. I joined this association 4 years ago next month. I joined for the prestige and the name that it carries in my industry. I joined at a certain tier. That tier has worked for me all this time because of how my business The Super Organizer has changed and morphed into more media and less actual organizing.

Well that came back to bite me. LOL So I am disappointed and a little upset, I still like to find lessons in everything. I am a positive person and stuff happens, it’s not the end for me.

When situations happen like this, you have to try to stay in the spirit of gratitude. Being nominated really does become an honor! I’ve had so many people within the association say the nicest things to me. I’ve made a bunch of new connections that will be fruitful. I never win awards, mainly because I don’t play the games/politics to get awards. I just stay in my lane and work for the people. I’m a worker bee and I just work on producing great content, being a nice person, and trying to reach and affect change in the world. You have to stay clear on who you are and not let disappointments change that for you. They are going to happen.

Also they went from not knowing who I was to knowing who I am and saying I was worthy for an award!! One of the top ones! That will never be taken away from me! I always say to you to celebrate the small victories. That is a great accomplishment for me and my brand. I can hold on to that. The fact that people wanted to reward me for my hard work that will always feel nice. Celebrate them and their kindness. Thank you ladies who nominated me!!

When a sudden disappointment happens, you have to dig deep and find the lesson in it. It can also be a time of reflection. Check in with yourself. Are you being true to yourself? Are there things you need to look at and change? I think check ins are always a good idea. So I check in with myself.

My path to here is of my doing and hard work and great choices AND some disappointments. My path going forward looks good and more disappointment may come.Its life!  I have a lot going on and I am moving up and onward. THAT is my award!


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Super Organizer Friday- Let Me Explain

I come from a very diverse background of cultures and languages. I have been doing this blog for 4 years now. I can see the analytics and I am told where my readers are from. I love it! Its great to know that my blog is international.

So I am trying something out. You may see a post on here in a different language from time to time. It my way of reaching out to those readers in their own language and possibly attracting new readers. I’m trying out a little diversity and seeing what the feedback is. I may eventually created a separate blog in those languages, i don’t know yet.

But don’t worry, the blogs in English will of course continue!

Thank You as always for being a great audience!

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El Súper Organizador!

So i come from latino roots as part of my ethnic makeup and I speak Spanish. The New single is my first in Spanish! Lo Mismo Es Lo Mismo is my song that i wrote and co produced with Palmez! I am excited. In this 4th year of blogging I want to include Spanish language posts. I am in talks with some great people to contribute. Diversity makes me happy and is necessary. So don’t be surprised if you see a blog in spanish or portugese!

Así que vengo de raíces latinas como parte de mi composición étnica y hablo español. ¡El nuevo single es mi primer en español! Lo mismo es lo mismo es mi canción que escribí y coproduje con Palmez. Estoy emocionado. En este cuarto año de blogging, quiero incluir publicaciones en español. Estoy en conversaciones con grandes personas para contribuir. La diversidad me hace feliz y es necesario. ¡No se sorprenda si ve un blog en español o portugués!

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9 Years Ago Today I Changed My Entire Life!

The other day I was recounting the story with my mom on how i came back to LA after 22 years of living elsewhere! I want to give a shout out to my best friend Michelle! At age 39 i was taking a big leap back into familiar yet new territory. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen or how everything would manifest itself, all i knew…I was unhappy and needed a change. I am glad I came back to LA. I feel it was the right time. I love everything I am doing professionally right now! I am the luckiest man in the world! And life is getting better!

Like my song above I Am Ready (available on on music platforms but click here ) are you ready to make positive changes in your life and take a leap of faith….


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Four Years Ago Today….

Today marks my 4 year anniversary of my 1st blog post! I was encouraged to start a blog by my talented blogger brother J R LeMar 

My first blog post wasn’t even about organizing. LOL It was about almond butter. and being a morning person

I have logged over 1000 posts and over 100K hits of this very niche blog site.

I gained a radio show from this blog that is will be celebrating 3 years this June. The SOS Show with James Lott Jr is my pride and joy. Thanks to Adrenaline Radio and Bryan , and now thanks to folks at iHeart Radio!

I am going to continue to write this blog as its morphing into my website. I have books and stories and tv shows planned as an organizer. I am in school continuing to get my education on the business. It’s a thrill!

Thank you to everyone who supports this blog and me! I am grateful beyond belief!

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