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13 Tips on Friday the 13th!!

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Longtime readers know that I love Friday the 13th! Its always good to me!! SO each time it comes around I pick a topic. Today’s topic is The benefits of being a good listener!! AND because it’s the 13th, here are 13 benefits to being a good listener: 

  1. Better relationships
  2. Improved Self Discipline
  3. More confidence
  4. People Trust in you and believe you more
  5. Best Employee
  6. YOU can ask better questions to gain knowledge on something
  7. Get more information
  8. You learn more
  9. Better Safety
  10. Avoid embarrassment
  11. More effective problem solving
  12. Increased concentration
  13. Shows you are a compassionate person who is present in your conversations! 



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Spring Cleaning Quotes That Can Apply To Any Season

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Súper pensamiento del día/Super Thought of the Day-

La primavera comienza esta semana. Mucha gente usa este tiempo para limpiar Spring. ¿Qué pasa si tratas el comienzo de cada temporada como Spring Cleaning?


Spring begins this week. Many people use this time to Spring clean. What if you treated the beginning of every season like Spring Cleaning?


Accountability Quotes That Make Sense!

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You Mess It Up, You Clean It Up

In your household and there are all kinds of households (roommates, families, spouses, best friends), vow to make ONE rule above most of the others: Whoever makes a mess in the common areas (shared spaces)has to be the one to clean it up NOW, not later on!! And you have to hold them accountable. Don’t do it for them. And stay civil about it. Remember if you all agree to that rule, you are only just reminding them that they agreed. 

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Super Thought of the Day: Why Haven’t I Began?

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This is a new feature. I think all the time. LOL Some of those thoughts I want to share with you! Here is today’s thought:

So you read the quote above and it sounds soooooooo easy, right? OR does it sound sooooooo hard?

For me, its the first one. I am a do-er and i have found the more I begin projects, the easier it becomes to begin. Why? Because the unknown is abolished once you start. You SEE whats going on as you DO.

If its hard to you, its the connection and motivation you have to muster up AND the doubts of can you do it? Or it seems too hard? Or sometimes its as simple as, I don’t know where to start?

If your answer is the one of those, then i invite you to look honestly within your self and challenge yourself to start no matter what! You can always modify, edit and change after you start something! Always!

Something to think about…





How Doing Live TV Changed My Perspective on Perfection

I love Brene Brown and her quote that is listed above is so true!! I have taken the words perfect and perfection out of my vocabulary.They just don’t work for me anymore in my language or thought. I have never reached “perfection” and whatever that means. I never will. I have reached Good, Great, stupendous, fantastic…..completion.

I do my best to put out good product. I work very hard to work hard. I am achieving based on that alone. I do LIVE TV. You can prep for a show. DO a great show rundown, and get a guest that is phenomenal. THEN the cameras comes on and your chair drops a few inches or the sound goes out for no reason. You have to roll with the punches on LIVE TV. That has taught me alot that I carry into life in general. You do the best you can, always! But don’t try to strive for a goal that you will never reach because in reality….it isn’t there.

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