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One Thing To Remind Yourself!



You know me, I’m all about positive reinforcement! Especially saying it out loud and to yourself.

It has been tough the past few weeks. The world seems to be spinning out of control. We all have so many feelings about todays events. I see it on social media. The outrage, the anger, the sadness, the fear. I understand all of those emotions. They are valid. Even I feel some of them.

But I have one thing that I want to remind you to remind yourself as we go through these times:

It is okay for you to have dreams and goals and to work towards them!!

You don’t have to abandon them. There will always be stuff going on in the world. Much of it needs our attention. Find the balance. Volunteering, giving of time and money, supporting, any kind of activism can still be done WHILE you strive to live your best life. Giving yourself to your community is part of living your best life. There is room for all of it.

No need to feel guilty or shame for wanting to acheive a personal or professional goal. Especially when people are out to do harm and halt our lives, I feel its more imperative that we shut them down and thrive in society today. In spite of them! And give back in any way we can!

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October Quotes To Motivate You!

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September Quotes to Get Us Motivated!

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Image result for september quotes inspirationalImage result for september quotes inspirational

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Here IS Something To Think About As We Start The Week


I completely agree!! thank You Peter Walsh!!

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Editing Your Life Not Just Your Home





I recommend to everyone that STOPPING and taking stock in your life every once in a while is good. You could have clutter in your life that is not physical or an object. It could be emotional and manifest in too many projects or staying at a job for way too long. You know how it is!! You stay at a job you have hated for years but you don’t do anything about it!

You could be trying to be there for everyone! Spreading yourself too thin with your family. You could be doing it all but are you doing it all well?

Take a look at your life and subtract where you can. Let go of things that no longer feed you on the inside! Do it!!!

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3 Thing to Say To Yourself Right Now!

I am all about speaking things into the universe then doing the necessary work to make them happen. Here are three things to say to yourself right now:

  1. I am ready…for success!!!

  2.  I will begin today. It does not matter how much or how little, I will begin today!

  3. I will find the energy and move with it!


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7 Habits You Should Begin To Develop NOW!!!!


You want to be a productive member of society?!

You want to contribute positively?!

You want to get along with others?!

Here are 7 habits you should begin to develop NOW:

  1. Get involved in your community!
  2. Talk TO people not AT them.
  3. Be supportive of those in the same field of work as you. They may be the ones to pave the way or bring you in.
  4. Speak responsibly. Choose your words carefully.
  5. Always be polite.
  6. Use the word LOVE in sentences more! 
  7. Keep your promises! 



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