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Editing Your Life Not Just Your Home





I recommend to everyone that STOPPING and taking stock in your life every once in a while is good. You could have clutter in your life that is not physical or an object. It could be emotional and manifest in too many projects or staying at a job for way too long. You know how it is!! You stay at a job you have hated for years but you don’t do anything about it!

You could be trying to be there for everyone! Spreading yourself too thin with your family. You could be doing it all but are you doing it all well?

Take a look at your life and subtract where you can. Let go of things that no longer feed you on the inside! Do it!!!

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3 Thing to Say To Yourself Right Now!

I am all about speaking things into the universe then doing the necessary work to make them happen. Here are three things to say to yourself right now:

  1. I am ready…for success!!!

  2.  I will begin today. It does not matter how much or how little, I will begin today!

  3. I will find the energy and move with it!


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7 Habits You Should Begin To Develop NOW!!!!


You want to be a productive member of society?!

You want to contribute positively?!

You want to get along with others?!

Here are 7 habits you should begin to develop NOW:

  1. Get involved in your community!
  2. Talk TO people not AT them.
  3. Be supportive of those in the same field of work as you. They may be the ones to pave the way or bring you in.
  4. Speak responsibly. Choose your words carefully.
  5. Always be polite.
  6. Use the word LOVE in sentences more! 
  7. Keep your promises! 



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You Asked Yourself The Right Questions, Got Answers, Now What?!

In the previous two blogs post, I asked you to talk to yourself  and to envision what you want   NOW it’s time for the next steps.

Do you need help? Be honest with yourself. So this is where we will go on THIS blog post (I will talk about what to do if you don’t need help in the next blog post)!

You need to determine what KIND of help you need. If it is psychological, then you might need a therapist, counselor, pastor, psychiatrist. They will go deep into your past and help you figure out why you do what you do.

You might need a Life Coach! We wont delve so deep into your past, we will start with your present and look at what you are or aren’t doing and try to help you get unblocked.

You might need someone who does what you want to do; a person who is more experienced and can answer questions for you!AND its a networking opportunity!

Of course friends and family might be able to help too.

You have to be clear on what kind of help you need. You may need a combo of these. Research and find the right people to help you or else this won’t work. It is okay to find someone and change your mind and get someone else.


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Asking Yourself The Right Questions To Get A Clear Vision of Your Goals!


In the last blog post I asked ; Are you asking yourself the correct questions to get to your goals? 

So now we need to narrow it down!! when I tell you that once i had a clear vision of what I wanted, the path opened up!! I am soooo serious!!

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do I know what my goal(s) are?

Can I envision them? Can I actual see and articulate what I want?

What do i want?

Am I ready to be patience and take action?

Do I need help?

Stay tuned to this blog for the next steps to follow!! Just work on and get these questions answered!



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Are You Asking Yourself The Correct Questions To Get to Your Goals?

I talk to myself. All the time. I suggest you try it. I invite you to have a real conversation with yourself. I’m not asking you to talk about the weather or the Real Housewives of Orange  County. I am talking about a strong conversation with yourself about yourself! Getting to the heart of the matter!

This is an organizing/life coaching blog, so that can apply to decluttering and organizing, but this is for ALL areas of life.You want success, right?!

Start with these questions:

Is there a job I want? (you can replace that with position, house, relationship, lifestyle)

AM I currently doing anything to get me there?

If not, am I ready to do what I need to get there?

If you are ready, can I see a clear vision of what I want to achieve?

Once you have answered THAT last question, the real work begins AND you can look at the pic at the top of the blog and answer that question. too.

The next blog post will pick up from here!!!


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Sort Out Sunday: Separate Email For All Things Shopping Related

Image result for rewards programs


The other day I was reading a blurb on this idea to have a special email for online shopping! (it didn’t give who said it) The idea is to keep everything in a place who you aren’t tempted by sales messages on your regular email.

I’m going to take it a step further.

I am a big advocate of joining all rewards from stores, airlines, hotels, etc. I say use a separate email to include that as well as for online shopping. AND I am suggesting this on an organizing standpoint. It could come in handy around tax time. It can be useful throughout the year and its keeps purchases organized for you.

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