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Super Tip Monday- 3 Reasons Organization Helps With Stress


1- When your items have a regular place to be, it reduces the stress to try to find them.

2- When you are organized,you have a better chance to be on time for appointments and events. No stress being late or having to deal with people who don’t like you being late!

3- Writing out the steps to a project is the beginning of making that project go smoothly!

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The Super Organizer Has Bells Palsy, What Is IT?

The pic above was from Day 3 of my Bells Palsy. People have been asking Me what Bells Palsy is??? So I am providing a link for those who are curious. I am on a crusade to educate people on this condition. It can strike anybody at any age and time. There are several factors that go into how someone can get this. FOR ME, it was extreme stress!! So I am telling folks to MANAGE your stress!!! It is no joke. Having half of your face paralyzed is NO JOKE!

I am starting to get feeling back in my face. I am in pain tho, but I am pushing thru. Here is the link if you are interested in what Bells Palsy is:

I am still laying low so that I can recover fully! I will be back!!!!


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Super Share Tuesday: Food Journal Worksheet

I was talking about Food journaling and some folks have asked me if there are any worksheets out there.

Here is a worksheet I got from Mary Martha Mama:

Image result for food journaling

This one is from

Image result for food journaling


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Super Tip Monday: One Way To Make Food Journaling Fun!

Image result for food journaling

I recently went to the doctor and had a wake up call! I weigh the most I ever have. So now I am on an eating plan for the next 3 months and it includes food journaling. I have to write down what I eat and drink every day. Boring to me, but I know its important for my health and to hold myself accountable too.

I found one way to make it interesting! If i am eating at home with products from my home that are prepacked, say a can of something or a frozen entrée, then if i can cut out the label of the item and the ingredients/ nutritional facts, I tape them on the page in the book of that day!! OR I take a pic and print it and tape it in! 

Just a way of switching it up from writing, which can get tiring. Try it!

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Organización = Buena Salud

Image result for positive organizing quote in spanish

Me gusta esta cita porque se puede aplicar a muchas cosas en la vida. La desorganización puede afectar su salud. Mente. Cuerpo. Espíritu. Tu cuerpo podría estar tratando de decirte algo. ¿Estas escuchando?

¡La organización es la clave de la felicidad y la buena salud!

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One Fact About Sunscreen I Never Really Thought About!

I was reading in a magazine about facts on sunscreen and one of the facts caught my eye!!

I never really thought about it before.

And you take it to hot , sunny places with you.

I learned that sunscreen left in the sun can change have damaging effects. While left in the sun, the properties of the sunscreen change! It can DEACTIVATE the ingredients! 

So at home, put bottle in a cool dry place with no direct sunlight hitting it.

At the beach or park, place under a towel or beach bag or in your cooler!

Something to think about!

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Super Tip Wednesday: How to Properly Store Fruits And Vegetables

Image result for fruit storage guide

Thank you

Sometimes I have wondered if i am storing these items correctly! AND this does affect the organization of kitchen and pantry!

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