Super Thought Of the Day- What Would Happen If I Wasn’t Organized?

14 May

I do so much every day. I have two companies to run. I am on TV and radio. I am a Professional Organizer, Life Coach, Recording artist…You get the picture. In order for me to do all these things and more, I have to be structured and organized. But what if I wasn’t organized? I am scared to think what would happen! Many of you out there have a lot of things going on. It is my hope you are being organized, but what if you are a person reading this who is not organized?

I ask you how it is working for you? Or not working for you? Do you double book plans? Are you forgetful and miss appointments or are always running late to them? Do you go to the store and forget what you need to buy? Is it an extra ten minutes to find the car keys everyday/

All of that would drive me crazy.If you aren’t organized, think about how it makes you feel on any given day. Anger, frustration, sadness, broke…how does it effect your mood for the day? Well consider getting organized. It makes your life run smoother! Read this blog, if you are in LA, come take my workshops, hire a Professional Organizer. Begin the process of changing your life into an organized one!

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Posted by on May 14, 2018 in Organizing


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