The Super Organizer #GoMonth Challenge: Part 6

31 Jan

It is the last day of #GOMonth and it has been fun coming up with these challenges. This is the final one for the month. I hope you found them useful. They may have been small, but small changes to lead to larger ones! AS I say, small steps lead to large rewards! 

Here is challenge number 6:

Its kind of a two-parter! Start with your shoes. I don’t care what kind, pick two pairs that you haven’t worn in a long time and wear one today and the other tomorrow.

It used to be women were shoe-aholics, but now men are just a bad. Hehe. I love shoes!!! We have a tendency to pick the same couple of pairs and wear them all time. Rotating your shoes, saves money. The shoes don’t wear out as fast. You KNOW what you have. YOU DID buy them for a reason, to wear them! 

With this challenge, it does include what you wear. So whatever two shoes you pick, hopefully that will get you to wear two outfits that matches the shoes that you haven’t worn in a while too! NOW your wardrobe is being  rotated.

If you pick shoes and they don’t fit, get rid of them. If they are ripped, torn, dirty beyond repair, get rid of them! If the shoe doesn’t fit , don’t wear it! Shoes can take up a LOTT of space!! Especially if you are someone like me who wears a size 14~




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