The Super Organizer #GoMonth Challenge: Part 1

17 Jan

NAPO ,which I am a member of, calls January GOMonth! It is time to GET ORGANIZED!! I like to participate and every few days or so I will give you a challenge! You can do them in order or how ever you like! They will be challenges that hopefully will have you thinking differently about the items in your space. 

Here is the first challenge:

Pick one shirt (or top) that you HAVEN’T worn in a long time (6 months or longer) and WEAR it TODAY!! 

Related image

If you can’t remember how long its been, then its been too long.

You may have to dig deep down in the drawer or reach the back of the closet.

This exercise is to show the importance of rotating your clothes on a regular basis. Also to bring attention to what you DON’T wear anymore and maybe its time to get it out the house…

Image result for crowded closet

Have fun!! If you are really inclined, do it for the rest of the week! 


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