18 Things You May Not Know About The Super Organizer James Lott Jr

27 Dec

18- One of my favorite albums/CD’s is Red Dust and Spanish Lace by Acoustic Alchemy.

Image result for red dust and spanish lace acoustic alchemy

17- I was totally into New Age music back in the late 80s/early 90s.

16- I took Cello in junior high and hope to try it again someday.

15- I was a Notary Public for 4 Years.

14- I have a Teletubbie Back Pack from back in the day ( the purple one)

Image result for teletubbies backpack

13- My problem is too many books. I have to watch my hoarding of those.

12- I love 5 X 7 lined note cards.

11- I have notebooks everywhere. So whenever i have an idea, I write it down.

10- I still like to write things down.

9- I’m a good swimmer.

8- I have an actual timer for timing some of my projects.

7- I hate been late unless to make an entrance at a party. I hate being early to parties.

6- I love the color green.

Image result for green

5- I don’t wear enough green and i would like to change that

4- I get crushes on people all the time

3- I love going to Grocery stores across the country!

Image result for publix

2- I love Paper products and office supplies.

1- I miss drinking coffee. its been three years!

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