Guest Blog: 16 Spectacular Tricks To Declutter Your Car Part 2 by Make Space

26 Dec

The car of the future will be self-driving, electric, and fully autonomous.

And it still won’t be able to stop you from collecting unnecessary receipts, empty coffee cups, stray french fries, and pennies.

We spend a lot of time in the car throughout our lives, yet it’s the one area that seems to chronically end up at the bottom of our to-clean list. How does 45 square feet accumulate so much junk?

Decluttering your car is quite the task, but with these 16 spectacular tips and tricks from MakeSpace, it’s a one-and-done chore. Cruise through this list to get your car more organized than ever, and never get caught riding dirty again.

This is part 2: (clink on links to see photos) (to see Part 1 click here )

  1. Organize the center console with an ice pop mold (HGTV)

The center console is a black hole of odds and ends. In any given vehicle you’ll probably find some loose change, broken sunglasses, a pen, several bobby pins, a packet of Taco Bell hot sauce, and an unpaid parking ticket.


The bottom of an ice pop mold is perfect for bringing order to this area. Fill the molds with small items like lip balm and garage door openers. With a system like this in place, it’s harder to let things fall into the void, even if you fail to pay that parking ticket for a few more weeks.


  1. Keep the change (The Krazy Coupon Lady)

You probably have anywhere between 25 cents and $3 in change scattered around your car. Give your riches a drop zone and collect loose change in an empty gum container.


These containers are designed to fit in your cup holder, so they’re always within arm’s reach when you need to pay a toll or parking meter. Just don’t get it confused with the container that’s actually storing your gum. No one wants to chomp down on a nickel.


  1. Grocery center in the trunk (Pinterest/Morghan)

Grocery bags toppling over in your back seat is a thing of the past.


Keep a laundry basket in the trunk. It will keep egg cartons from tumbling and bags of chips from getting smushed. You can store your reusable grocery bags in the basket between shopping trips.


Now every time you unload grocery bags from the car, you won’t have to compete with yourself in the Just One Trip Olympics. Simply carry the entire basket into your home and return it to the trunk when it’s empty.


  1. Secure your phone (t3n)

You’d sooner forget your car keys before you left your phone at home. Give it a set spot in the car that’s easy to access and isn’t your lap.


A good car mount will secure to the windshield or air vent, holding your phone at eye level to safely reference directions or chat with your mom hands-free.


You can also DIY your own phone holder with just a rubber band and a paperclip. The paperclip helps feed the rubber band through your air vent, which secures your phone for free in about 30 seconds.


  1. Create a shower caddy car kit (The Krazy Coupon Lady)

Pulled over on the side of the highway with a smoking engine is not the time to wish you had a system in place to keep your motor oil organized.


Store the oil, rock salt or sand, windshield washer fluid, jumper cables, a mini first aid kit, and anything else you think you might need for roadside repair in a shower caddy. It’s better to stock up and never use any of these materials than be stuck in a ditch without any way of getting out.  


  1. Make an all-in-one coloring kit with an old DVD case×735/gallery-1455315620-p4070956.JPG (Women’s Day)

Your kids can’t create a road trip masterpiece with crayons strewn all over the backseat.


Give them somewhere to channel their creativity without making a mess.


Repurpose an old DVD case: Secure a plain white notepad to one interior side and crayons, markers, or colored pencils to the other. Your kids can now design piece after piece of amazing art that can be safely stored until the next trip.   


  1. Maintain order

Reap the long-term benefits of your decluttering efforts by maintaining the cleanliness of your car.


Every time you fuel up, take advantage of the gas station trash can and toss any garbage that has accumulated. You could even give it a quick once-over with the vacuum if you have time.


It’s smart to schedule a deep-clean session once a year to keep your car interior spotless. But it’ll be a quicker process than your first go-around if you do mini maintenance every now and then.  


  1. Keep it fresh (One Essential Community)

The finishing touch to any decluttering job should be a burst of fresh scent.


There’s no reason to purchase expensive car air fresheners. Instead, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to some cotton balls or pom poms, glue them to a clothespin, and clip the clothespin to your air vents.


Your car will be filled with your favorite scent every time your air conditioning turns on. Just add a few more drops of essential oil whenever it starts to fade.  


All it takes is some planning and perhaps a few MacGyver skills to shift into organization overdrive. The receipts and french fries will continue to collect. But buckle these tips in, and cleanup will be such a smooth process, you’ll swear your car did it itself.


This post was written by MakeSpace, a full-service storage company that picks up, stores, and delivers your stuff so you can hit the open road without a detour to a self-storage unit. They conveniently serve LA, NYC, DC, and Chicago.


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