Give Yourself A Timeout!

18 Nov

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I am so over the “crazybusy”!!! 

I am done with the “I only need 3 hours of sleep. I work all the time”!!!!

Your brain needs a timeout and i don’t mean when you get a drink to relax  (though I do like those too). I am talking about a natural timeout!!

I say that at least once a day you should do a timeout! Yes, I am using the word timeout like you do with kids. You should give yourself a break from everything, so that you can recharge. You can call it meditation. You could call it Spiritual time. What I am talking about is scheduling  30 minutes a day and stop everything you are doing and just do nothing. I tell my clients to do this and its harder than you think.

I’m asking you to pick a time, doesn’t matter what time of day or night, and just sit. No phone, no laptop, no book , no TV! You can close your eyes or keep them open. Just sit and try to relax. Sometimes choosing the place makes it easier. I have a front porch filled with plants and trees and i can see the neighborhood in front of me. Its relaxing to me.

Start out scheduling 10 minutes a day. Do you best to hold out. If you can’t at first, don’t get frustrated or mad, keep trying every day. then after 2 weeks schedule 15 minutes a day. 2 weeks after that, schedule 20 minutes a day, and 2 weeks after that 30 minutes a day.

Before you say you are too busy, it CAN be done. The key is to make it a PART of your schedule. It can be done before the kids wake up or after they are asleep. It can be done any time of the day. You have to give back to yourself. There is no shame in NOT working 24/7. You will feel better, i guarantee it!! Try it!

Clearer minds can result in all kinds of positive things!

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