The Super Organizer Question: Are Professional Organizers Expensive?

07 Jul

Yes and No.

There are a wide range of organizers and as many rates. Always remember they are a legitimate service like any other out there. Some organizers have specialties that are specific and may be best for you. Some organizers have years of experience to bring to you and your space.

It will depend on how they set up their rates. It may be hourly. It may be by package fo sessions or number of hours. They will come and assess then consult with you, then give you prices. Some make work with you on payment plans while others may want a deposit.

Remember you have a commitment to yourself and having a clutter free life. They can help you! Contact several organizers. Find the best one for you! And keep in the back of your mind….you do get what you pay for most times. That can be positive and negative.

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