I Totally Forgot I Still Had That!

06 May

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I’m inviting you all to a challenge.

For many of us, clothes and shoes are the bane of our existence. We have pounds and pounds of clothes or racks and racks of shoes. Ask yourself, do you wear 90 percent of your clothes? If you do, then you are doing great!! You must rotate well and like the diversity of your wardrobe. If you are anything less than 90 percent, then this challenge is for you!

My goal is for you to reduce clutter and keep what you actually wear. And I will expand this to clothes of different seasons.So if you divide your clothes into seasons, this challenge is for the current season.

I want you to pick 3 things you haven’t worn in 6 months or longer and wear them within this next week! 

When you pick those three things, if you can’t fit any of them or they are stained, ripped beyond repair, its time to get them out the house,

I am going to do the challenge myself and post pics on my FB page @thesuperorganizer

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