It’s Not Even Yours, Now Give IT Back!

04 May

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You are now a do-er so I am going to ask you to DO something today! Let’s Go!

I want you to take a look in your car or your house. What are you looking for?

You are looking for items in your space that don’t belong to you! Its time to give them back and not let them continue to clutter up your space! 

We don’t care how long its been there. We don’t care about the reason it’s there. We acknowledge that it is there and it needs to go back to its rightful owner. If it needs to be mailed, mail it. If the person isnt available today, set a day and  time TODAY!

Now for those of you older parents holding onto your grown kids stuff and they have a place to live, you need to talk to them today and figure out a solution. THEY need to go thru their stuff and decide and get it out of your house!

Living in clutter because of stuff that isn’t yours, does not make sense. I invite you to think about that!


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Posted by on May 4, 2017 in Organizing


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