Super Tip Thursday: 3 Things That Can Help Your Decision-making

27 Apr


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I have learned this from personal experience. Literally I carry my problems and stress in my stomach. SO I am going to pass on something that I pass onto my clients and friends and I believe can help you in your decision making.

Most of the time we are taught to come from our heads/brains when it comes to decision making. We are told not to be emotional when we are deciding something. People will say to you, you wear your heart on your sleeve, and that’s supposed to be bad. Well I don’t think so!! And I don’t think emotional is a bad word! Its all in how you handle things.

I believe you need to come from your HEART…first!! Get heart centered!

Listen to your gut too! The nerves down there might be trying to show you something.

Both the gut and the heart can then help the mind/brain make the best decision possible. Your body speaks to you. You have to quiet down and listen. I feel it starts with the heart and the stomach/gut!! If it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t. Remember our minds can play tricks on us or tell us things that are false. Sometimes the noise in our heads can cloud our judgement.

So remember: gut….heart…mind!

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