3 Ways to Schedule That Family/Friends Time

21 Apr


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Good time management is the key in everything and that includes family time and friendships. BOTH family time and friendship time are important! Human interaction outside of your job is important!

If you are anything like me, then you are busy! You love your friends and you love your family. You would like to spend time with them but you have so much going on! Well now the excuses end!!! You MUST find the time and you can. By no means am I saying its going to be easy. HA! But you know me, lets start small.

If you have a family at home, start out by scheduling 30 to an hour a day for them . Pick morning or afternoon or evening. Really look at your schedule. Pick it for 5 days straight. Tell them!! Then do it. Put the phone away!

If its friends, pick ONE day a week for an hour. I like picking the same day and time if I can. And meet that friend! It could be at your place, or a coffee shop or a park. Once a week. If you have a couple of different good friends, then alternate each week, so you see each friend at least twice a month. Put the phone away.

If its family outside the home, then pick once a week for an hour to see them. Put away the phone.

The goal with all of these is to create a habit. you will slowly increase this as you go along (but don’t worry about that just yet) and you can modify these at any time (2 hours a week instead of one) I feel that ANY time spent is better than no time spent!! Try it!!

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