You Need To Clean Up Your Relationship Before You Can Clean Up Your House

19 Apr

Image result for not talking couple

Re read the title of this blog post a few times. Read it over and over!! When dealing with clutter and disorganization with another person, It is very different than just dealing with it solo. You HAVE to take in consideration someone else’s, feelings, attitudes, upbringing, previous relationships, etc. And if you are the one who feels a change is needed, then you have to be the one who acts in kindness, love, care, and honesty. You have to look at the big picture and the overall goals.

Then you can begin to come together to discuss your feelings. you have to be willing to listen to the other person without interrupting and putting YOUR spin on what they are saying. Take what they say for face value. If they are lying or not being entirely truthful, it will come out eventually. Don’t worry about that! LOL People views and points are valid for them.

If the goal is have an organized house, then you have to find a way to blend your styles and feelings and move forward together to create it!


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