Sort Out Sunday: Go to Your Kitchen Right NOW!!!!

09 Apr

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Ok Peeps! the Kitchen is a clutter zone!! It is also a place where things go to live but are never seen or used again!! SO today’s challenge to you is to:

Go to your kitchen and pick THREE things you haven’t used in the last six months…

Then look at those three things and ask yourself will you ever use them within the next six months. 

I don’t count fire extinguishers and batteries and candles but if you have a lot of scrubbing pads and you don’t scrub anything, its time to take them out!

Of those three things are any of them trash? then throw it out

Are any of them old and chipped and stained, you get the picture…then throw it out

New or unopened items? give them away either as a present or thrift store or to a friend who might need it.

Or just simply items in decent condition just not used? get them out of the house and given away!

Try this exercise ONCE a week! progress will be made!


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