Stand Up For Yourself

24 Jan


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It is VERY important to stand up for yourself. It is very IMPORTANT in every situation!

So what am I talking about exactly?!

Self care is number one always! Or at least is should be. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, then you are doing yourself a disservice.

Your feelings and wants and desires are valid. And if you are working towards them, you should continue on that path. You can stand up for yourself and do it in a way that is matter of fact and non confrontation. You have to be firm in your commitment to yourself. Don’t let anyone derail you from your plans to a good life.

There is no reason to be mean or rude  You should communicate rationally and as I said before matter of factly. It’s your life. IF you want an organized office or a clean house, then you should have it. Its harder when there are other people involved. That is the test! You have to be firm and kind at the same time. Not everyone is on the same page as you. You have to understand everyone in in their own place. I always say take care of you and the people who should be in your life will stay.You have to continue to evolve and change and when you really think about it, that is all dependent on YOU!

You should talk to those whose this affects. And give them the opportunity for change too. AND remember they may have their own process and learning curve. Then you compromise a little to find common ground. YOU want to find ways to work together so that your growth continues. I really want you to think of YOU first and practice safe care everyday!


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