9 Years Ago Today…

16 Jan



It’s Jan 16th, 2017 and as I wake up in Los Angeles I think about when I arrived early in the morning on Jan 16th, 2009 with my best friend Michelle and a van full of the last items I had in San Francisco. Some of my friends thought I’d be back in SF in no time. Others really believed in me and my decision to leave for good. As I pulled up to my house where I grew up in and was about to live in with my younger brother JR, I was feeling a mix of excitement and nerves. I really didn’t know what my life would be like back in Los Angeles after 22 years living elsewhere.

Today on Jan 16th, 2017, I wake up in Los Angeles and I think about how I’m starting over again. I had a whole life happen in between and now some events have led me to have to reconstructing my life. I’m filled with excitement and nerves once again. There is so much ahead of me. I am in the middle of a rebirth. I think back to my original thoughts back in 2008 about returning to LA and seeing if I can make a life here. I made a life here and now I’m changing and growing at I head to one decade here.

The lesson is to try. The lesson is to take a chance. The lesson is to feel your gut. The lesson is that you never know. The lesson is that you can change and grow and reinvent yourself anytime. The lesson for ME is that I can do anything!

Happy Moving Back TO LA Anniversary! to me!

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