3 Quick Ways To Start DeCluttering

02 Jan




Its a NEW Year! Its a new Month! Its a new DAY!! I believe in you! And this year we are going to have the best life ever!

It takes work to declutter a space, but here are 3 quick ways to get started:

1- Grab a tote bag or basket or box or bin or paper bags. Go to one space and put everything that does not belong there in the bag/basket/etc! The space will be less cluttered and that’s a good start! Take the items and put them where they should be.

2- Go to your underwear drawers and go through them. Throw out all sock and underwear that is ripped/wholly/stained. Afterwards you might be able to consolidate into one drawer or at least make the drawers neater and organized. Or rearrange and put into a smaller space, creating more room!

3- Go to your Fridge! Grab a trashcan and throw out all expired stuff, You might also find you have enough leftovers to make a full meal. Do that! If you have two bottles of the same drink open and there is enough room, you can marry them. Fridges and freezers can become one of the most cluttered spaces. Its the same for families and for single folk.

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