Do ONE Thing That Makes YOU Happy Everyday!

28 Nov


I based this off my late Grandma Mitzi who used to say that at EVERY paycheck, no matter big or small, you should buy yourself ONE thing that makes you happy. It could be a Hostess Honeybun. It could be a car. It didn’t matter. You get that check, you pay your bills, put a little away but also spend some on yourself. Her thought was that you work hard for the money, you deserve it and it keeps your spirits up a bit!

So i like to extend this to not just the payday or once a week of once every two weeks, do something you like everyday!

It could be the first thing in the morning, I go in my garden and sit and have my tea! Or it could be in the evening going to Sprinkles could be anything big or small. You should do one thing for yourself everyday that puts a smile on your face. That can also help with your mental state and get you through the rough moments!

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