9 Things To Remember During A Tough Time

13 Nov


America has just entered a divisive period since the Election results. Tension is thick and emotions on all sides are high! I’ve personally seen people fighting and screaming at each other. I am sad over the results but I choose to stay calm. I choose to stay calm and have HOPE. This doesn’t mean that I’m not a little scared about the future. Being scared doesn’t help. Fear has no place in my life.

These are some things that will help me get through this time:

  1. I have hope
  2. I have faith.
  3. I can handle whatever comes my direction.
  4. I have handled tough times before and survived.
  5. I am ready to fight against any injustices.
  6. I will continue to showcase people who put out positivity in their work.
  7. I will use the various platforms I have for good.
  8. I will project GOOD.
  9. I will align myself with others who want GOOD.

You can apply any of these to yourself.

Life has to go on. We still deserve to live the best life possible. And we have a chance to fight for that too if need be. I am going to stay calm and see what comes…

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Posted by on November 13, 2016 in Life Coaching


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