You’re Messy (So What)

05 Nov



You’re messy! You’re disorganized. You’re unorganized. You have no order to things in your home. You’ve never had a system in place.

You are always late to things because you spend all your time trying to find things.

You claim you know where everything your mess.

It’s okay!!!

YOU can change and/or modify ALL of that!! It’s not your sentence for life, you can get help and work on those things and get organized.

And at the same time,you shouldn’t feel any guilt or shame!! You are who you are and its not about shaming you to get organized. Its about embracing who you are and how you move thru life and knowing that you have the power to make the life you want!!!

If you would like to talk to a Professional Organizer in your area or ME!! Contact me at

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Posted by on November 5, 2016 in Organizing


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