Sometimes You Just KNOW

19 Oct



It can be hard sometimes.It can be hard to make decisions. It can be hard to make decisions sometimes. It can be especaially hard when its a decision you know has to be made but other factors make you hope that you don’t have to make that decision. Yes that is a long sentence! HA! But you get my point. Recently I had to make a few decisions that I had hoped I wouldn’t have to make. The problem was staring me right in the face.It was making me unhappy,but deep down I kept hoping the situation would turn around and become what I wanted. It is that holding on that is really detrimental to you. You become wrapped up in the situation and the sadness or anger. You don’t move forward. You aren’t allowing better things to come in. You aren’t living your best life.

SO its better to bite the bullet and grab the bull by the horns and MAKE that decision. Make that decision no matter how scary it feels, no matter how much you don’t want to. This is of course after every avenue has been explored to change things. This is after you had the talk. This is after you’ve weighed the pros and cons. DO it! Make the decision you know in your heart is right for you! AND I support you!!! 

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