Throwing Away Is NOT Always The Answer

13 Oct


The NUMBER ONE question I get and most organizers get, when they first talk to someone about professional organizing is:

Will you make me throw away all my stuff?????

For MOST of the us the answer will always be NO! 

A good professional organizer knows that just throwing stuff away IS not the answer. We understand the psychology of clutter and disorganization. It make look like getting rid of everything is the answer to a clean house. On the surface, yes a house will be less cluttered, but on a deeper level it doesn’t solve anything. It doesn’t treat HOW the place got cluttered and/or disorganized, so chances are the problem will return and you’ll have done all that work for nothing.

You have to find the root causes. You can get rid of some stuff,but its a collaborative effort and well thought out process. Sometimes things just need be stored better; spaces utilized better. Upcycling certain items and making them useful in other ways.These are just some examples.

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