Super Organizer Mini Series: Part 2 Clear Plastic Bins

19 Sep


This part is a little trickier but can be done. Its the purchasing of the clear plastic bins to put stuff away in. But first you have to determine how many you need. Its not an exact science and I always say its better to have too many bins than not enough. Nothing stops momentum better than running out in the middle of the project!

Step one is to pick the area or spot or room you are going to tackle. The size will determne how many bins you get and the size(s). For example if you are organizing a kitchen, you may not need a lot of bins because that room typically involves food (which you will probably throw out) and pots and pans and dishes and glasses. You may need a couple of bins for seasonal plates and items. If its a bedroom closet, you may need 3 or 4 large bins and a few small ones. You would need bins for seasonal clothes or for shoes.

The goal is to NOT need bins!! But sometimes you do like as I mentioned twice before, seasonal items will warrant bins. And since you rotate and DO use, Its okay. Plus memory bins for childrens stuff is another reason for bins too.

Bins are good for regular use items too. It keeps things together and you can create an organized look. SO Step 2 in this process is deciding what space you are starting in and then getting the number of bins for that space you think you might need.



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