Super Organizer Monday- My Thoughts..

05 Sep

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Thank you for taking the the time out of your busy day to read my blog post. However this blog came into your orbit, I am grateful. I appreciate all the feedback I get too. I just wanted to share with people, especially newer followers, my goal with this blog.

I am a Professional Organizer and Certified Life Coach. There are MANY organizational  blogs and websites out there. What you wll notice with mine is that I am less of a “how to” organize guy and more of a lets get you  in the mindset of organization. I DO give tips sometimes. I like to share what has worked for me and/or my clients.But most of my posts are about the mindset. I believe in order to be organized you need to adopt it as a lifestyle. Being organized requires your brain to be in a place where is wants to organize and stay that way. So I offer many suggestions on how to get THERE!

Your mind holds the key to your success.I know that everybody has a different learning method. I recognize that there is no ONE way to get there. Everyone learns at a different pace. Disorganization takes many forms and needs to be address in various ways. So in this blog I will invite you to look yourself in a variety of ways and I will offer you a variety of ways to get your brain to the organized state. While offering suggestions on how to maintain that healthy state of mind!

I’m rooting for all of you to have the best life possible! 

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Posted by on September 5, 2016 in Life Coaching, Organizing


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