Ignore The Voice That Says You Can’t

12 Aug

So you are staring at that giant pile of clean clothes! You keep doing laundry and dumping the clothes in a pile in the corner of your room. The problem is the pile has expanded to one side of the room. Your inner voice tells you that it is easier to just pcik thru the clothes and find what you want. Nevermind that it can take up to 20 mintues doing that AND you still run the risk of not finding that other sock. That voice tells you that you CAN’T fold and put all that laundry away! That voice tells you that its too late. That voice tells you that its too much work.

We need to silence that voice or at least ignore it!

Try this, go in there right now and grab 3 or four things off that pile and put them away,. Try that several times a day and you will finish it and have an open space again! Small steps are fine! Small steps are steps! This can be applied to any situation of disorganization. BE aware that if organizing doesnt come natural to you, you may hear those voices telling you that you can’t do it! Lets actvively work on pushing thru that

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Posted by on August 12, 2016 in Organizing


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