Just Look AT You

02 Aug

it takes two to tango

phrase of tango
  1. 1.
    both parties involved in a situation or argument are responsible for it.


It is sooooo easy to loook outward. It is very easy to tell someone else what they are doing wrong. When looking at a situation, its not hard to see what the problem is and who is responsible…..or is it? Are you REALLY looking at the issue with clear, open, NON JUDGMENTAL eyes?????!!! Many times for us the answer is NO! Especially if you are tired , frustrated, angry, sad, etc. Emotions can totally get in the way.

This summer I have a goal for US! We are going to be able to look at a situation with clarity and openness and learn how to look at ourselves. If you live with others or are dealing with another person, then you are not alone in the situation. You are an active participant of whatever the situation is.Its not easy to look inward and admit shortcomings. Once you do, life gets a little better. TRUST ME!

I invite you to REALLY find a way to look within yourself. For example, the house is a mess. You live with your husband and he is the messy one. Look at the FACTS of how it got messy. Look at the facts of what you’ve done and NOT done to either avoid this situation or to stop this situation. I feel being FACTUAL is a great way to begin the change to looking inward honestly. Going by the way, you begin to see that it tkaes both of you and then you can work from the bottom to correct and change!

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