The Right Time To Talk To Your Messy Partner

26 Jul

The house is a mess! Or the home office is a disaster. Maybe its the trunk of the car is so full you can’t even put a bag of groceries in it. You want to talk to you significent other about it. They are the cause of most or all of the mess. When is the right time?????

I get THAT question many times! Here is MY answer:

First you have to admit to yourself that you are just as cupable as your partner. The clutter and disarray happened while you were there. But my larger point is that nothing happens in a vaccum and you have to work as a team to make it better, so lets even the playing field a bit. If you go into this with the “its all his fault” mentality, nothing will happen except a fight!

Second you want to go in with the mindset that you will work TOGETHER to fix this. Make this a team effort. Come from a place of “lets figure out how to do this better or more efficient AND organized” Get over the its their problem they need to change. In reality it’s YOUR problem too, because its affecting you.

Third is to be as loving as possible. Come from a place of care and consideration. Habits are hard to break. And remember you want harmony and peace. The goal is for you to return to being happy and functional. Help your partner get there in a positive way!


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