Is His/Her Stuff Getting On Your Nerves??!!

21 Jul

It can be difficult to meld together into one household. It doesnt matter the relationship: roommates, lovers, spouses, siblings, you get the point. People living together is an ongoing life of compromise and negotiation.Even in the easiest of partnerships you still have to contend with all of the “stuff” you have and how it’s going to fit in your living space.

An all too familiar situation is after living together for awhile and each others habits REALLY set in. Maybe it hits you hard that he is a complusive buyer. You find out she will not budge on the bedroom closet space.The key is to come together for a common goal. The goal should be harmony in the household and fair space for everyone. That doesnt come easy and it I can’t fit all the advice in this one blog, but I will be giving tips over the next few months!

The first tip that I will leave with you today is the practice of accepting others for how they are! ACCEPTING others for how they are especially in the way that they live. You ha you cve a right to NOT accept and that may mean you shouldnt live together. The real deal is everyone is different in how they live BUT certain combos of people CAN work in a living space! But it all comes down to: can you accept the person for who they are? I believe that once you do that, then you can honestly assess your living arrangement and THEN assess the “stuff” in the house.

You want to be able to find solutions through love and kindness and openness of everyone involved! 

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