It’s Okay to Feel Overwhelmed.

05 Jul

is something that can be hard to hear but I feel needs to be said out loud. I want to take the shame out of feeling it by saying it. Out loud! And I hope this is something others can relate to and possibly feel free when hearing it. I need to say:

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and to feel that your life is out of your control.

It doesn’t matter if you put yourself in your current situation (s). It doesn’t matter if someone else tells you that they have the solution(s).It doesn’t matter if you are a mother of three or a young single professional man. We have so much going on in our lives that it can feel like too much. Even though I am a solution based person, I recognize that It’s okay sometimes to NOT have the answer right away. WE are human, we are not robots. Sometimes you have a bad day or a trying day. AND you should be able to express that without being shut down or told to get over it.

There are many of us who make decisions every day! Many of us get paid to problem solve. But there are times when you may need a second (or a day) to not be able to make a decision. Some of the best building up comes from feeling low. Cuz when you feel low, you can only go UP! Your feelings are vaild no matter what the reason. The hope is the feeling will pass and you can find your way up and out. I give much advice on starting, here on this blog. But for now, I am acknowledging that sometimes I feel overwhelmed..and that’s okay… to admit and say that!



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Posted by on July 5, 2016 in Life Coaching


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