You Are Allowed To Change Your Mind!

16 May

Your life is NOT a democracy, It’s a dictatorship!! It’s YOUR life! Everyone can have opinions about your life. Eveyone can voice how they feel about YOUR choices. But it’s ultimately YOUR life! It is your decision. And you are the only person in charge of your life decisions!

That also goes for any changes in your life. You have a right to change direction at any time for any reason! You don’t owe anybody any explanations unless you want to explain. If your choices or changes are going to directly affect others, then yes you need to tell them and tell them as loving as possible.

There is not reason to be mean while making choices or changes. You can be stern but you should also be kind. Be matter of fact. Changing your mind is your right! Changing your mind could really benefit you. Changing your mind could lead you to a better, happier place. Changing your mind could lead you to yourpath of success!

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Posted by on May 16, 2016 in Life Coaching


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