Super Tip Thursday- Look At Your Chest of Drawers Part Deux

12 May


Hello All! In a previous post Super Tip Tuesday- Look At Your Chest of Drawers I had you LOOK at your drawers and see the situation. Also assess the situation so that we can fix it! Now we are going a step further.

If there is one, pick the drawer that is MOST filled. Focus on that ONE drawer.

Ask yourself these questions while you work on it:

  • Can anything be thrown away?
  • Can anything be recycled or given away?
  • Does anything NOT belong with the majority of items?

Answer those questions and do the tasks, see how much stuff has been eliminated.Does it create more space for stuff that does belong there?

Now its time to fold or place the items in the drawer to fit and easy to grab.

If it is clothes, here is a suggestion, read this: For clothes

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