DON’T Do These 7 Things Today!

10 May

Its all about creating good habits that will lead to an organized life! SO I invite you to NOT do these 7 things today:

1- Don’t throw trash on the floor or leave it on the table. Throw it in the trash can.

2- Don’t get the mail and leave it sitting around. Go thru it and handle it!

3- Don’t leave the jacket on the bed or couch or back of chair. Hang it up immediately.

4- Don’t let the kids leave their toys everywhere. Have them pick up and put in proper places.

5- Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink. Wash them before you go to bed! 

6- Don’t leave your bed unmade with stuff on it. Make your bed and put the stuff away.

7- Don’t put off important phone calls. Set a time and make all the calls.

Create healthy habits. Break the cycle. I will give you more to think about later! Good luck!




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