Quick Tip Thursday: Look At Your Towels

05 May

I used to rarely think about my bathroom towels. I use them every day when I take a shower yet I never really paid attention to them. Until one day I got a rash on my back. I went to the doctor and she asked me how long have I had my towels? At first I was like, What?! And she went onto say that even though you wash them frequently after awhile they get old like everything else and your body can start to react to that. Completely made sense to me!

Take a look at your towels. How long have you had them? For YEARS? It’s time to buy some new ones and switch them out.

Take the old towels use them as rags.or for emergencies. Put them with other in case of emergency items.

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Posted by on May 5, 2016 in Health



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