Try This ONE Thing THREE Times A Day

25 Apr


It’s YOU month and you know I like to give you challenges! Actually I like to invite you to try things to help you get organized and decluttered. The plan is to create healthy habits! YES!

So try this one thing three times a day:

The night before choose 3 times. (for example: 8am, 12pm, 7pm).

The length of time: Set aside 10 minutes each time

The action: Find a drawer in your house or office, where ever you are at that time, and throw out all trash, things that are broken, things that are stained or super holey. The drawer is your choice: clothes, kitchen, junk, office, etc.

The goal is to get all things that are broken or useless out of your house!! It may also reduce clutter and you can gain space back!

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Posted by on April 25, 2016 in Organizing


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