Great Convo With A Great Cartoonist!

21 Apr


African-American cartoonist Robb Armstrong. His award-winning daily comic strip, Jumpstart , reaches 80 million readers and is syndicated in more than 300 newspapers in eight countries: the Los Angeles Times, the New York Daily News, The Boston Globe and more. The Jumpstart strip is considered the most widely syndicated comic strip from an African-American author in history. Jumpstart’s positive depiction of African American life flies in the face of racial stereotypes and has given him the platform to make an impact on humanity and widen the lens about who appears in comic strips.

Described by People Magazine as “one of the hottest young cartoonists in America,” Robb Robb will be releasing his new book, Fearless: A Cartoonist’s Guide To Life, on April 26. Published by Reader’s Digest, it will be sold at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon:…. As an African American cartoonist, Armstrong has drawn many lessons from life that he shares in this moving memoir. Weaving together his personal stories of his journey to success, and hardship along the way, with simple drawing tutorials and original illustrations, Fearless is both a compelling read and an inspirational lesson on how to live well, through the good times and bad.

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