MY Guest Who Helps Small Business Owners!

15 Apr




Jenny Peterson, AKA “The Queen of Order,” is passionate about helping small business owners succeed.  As a business efficiency expert, consultant and speaker, Jenny teaches small business owners how to add order to their business to improve productivity, growth, and business operations. Through her workshops, onsite consulting and retreats, Jenny uses her “Big Gains Task Gauge” along with her simple step by step “Ultimate Business System” to take business owners from slow business growth and business dysfunction to having a business that supports the life & business they desire. Her mission is to help small business owners build a solid foundation for business success and reach their highest potential. 

Jenny has been a small business owner herself for 20 years. Starting at a very young age of 12, Jenny had the heart of an entrepreneur; making and selling anything that she could get her hands on. At the age of 20, Jenny opened her own health and wellness store, a place where many of her lessons and teachings of business have come from. After selling her store of 10 years due to overwhelm, Jenny found herself in the role of employee rather than owner and saw the challenges that employees face when working for a disorganized business. Jenny decided to get to the root of this dysfunction, so by combining both of her worlds Jenny set out to help business owners create order in their business to solve common business struggles and provide a healthy team environment. Being able to relate to the struggles of being a small business owner and wanting to help other business owners from experiencing the overwhelm that she did, her business was born.

Jenny is a member of the NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and the Women’s Speakers Association. As a former feng shui practitioner, she incorporates the principles of feng shui to improve a business’ environment for both those that work in and experience it as part of her teaching and consulting.  

As a speaker, you can find Jenny’s  high energy presentations in front of large and small business groups.  As a motivating force, she makes every effort to help business owners to take action in their business in the moment. Providing tools, step by step instructions, and audience interaction makes Jenny a presenter that provides value and a lasting impression. If you are serious about helping your business group take their business to the next level, contact Jenny to speak for your group today! Click here to view a list of Jenny’s workshops.

You can hear her on my radio show The  Super Organizer Show April 15th!!! Or listen to it on iTunes!


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