Using My Green Thumb Inside The House.

07 Apr

Above is a pic of my indoor herb and vegetable garden. I love it! I used the herb for seasoning my food I cook. One of my plants is Peppermint. Another is Purple Basil. Both make that part of the room smell great!! I suggest to everyone that if you cook or make salads, grow your own little garden. Find a place that gets some sunlight in her home and do it!
You can do seeds (they are not expensive) but what i did was get little plants at my local farmers market (they were 4 for $5). One they came from a local farm ( I like to support local farms.) and they were already started. I talked to the farmer to find which ones were easy to take care of (I know not everyone has a naturally green thumb) I found a great spot and there you go. It beautifies your room. It can smell good. Its fresh and good for you.

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