Why Aren’t You Organized??!!

03 Apr
I invite you to think about why you aren’t organized and how its affecting your life. Then I want you to think of why you would want to get organized and how your life could improve because of it.
I ask you to think about your goals of organization, both big picture and small immediate plans. For me it was:I’m organizing to enjoy my life to the fullest. My goals are to have my office, home and yard organized. My immediate goal is to organize my home office and closets. Okay. That’s settled. NOW when can I start???
Getting started is the biggest hurdle! I give tips on this blog on how to start and different techniques and way to start. What I am asking now is WHEN to start? We ALL have busy lives and its easy to say, “I don’t have time to organize” or “I’m too tired these days”. There is ALWAYS time to organize! You don’t have to schedule LARGE chunks of time. I want you to be REALISTIC and HONEST with yourself on why you AREN’T organized? And apply the same rules of being realistic and honest and ask yourself, can you make the time to get organized? There are no rules on exactly when you organize. Every day you wake up is a day for you to start the organization process in your life.
Start in the summer months? In the Spring for Spring Cleaning? Start of the school year because the kids will be out of the house for 8 hrs a day? Right before a big family holiday like Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas? Maybe during part of your vacation? You take 2 weeks off. One week organize, the other GO on vacation. Or maybe its THIS weekend? Or TOMORROW? or TODAY????

When can you start organizing????


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