Sort Out Monday: Storing Winter Clothes

28 Mar



It’s that time of year that we bring out the spring and summer clothes. You have to find room for it in your closet and drawers. To do that, you need to put away the Winter Clothes. I have clear bins marked Winter clothes that I store on shelves in my garage.  I have client that keep them in the back of the closet. No matter where you keep them, you need to make room and you want it to be organized.

My suggestion is to look at each piece of winter clothes and shoes and really give them a good look over. DON’T keep anything that is torn, ripped, don’t fit, worn out or never worn.  Throw them out, pass them on, donate! The goal is to make room in those bins. Maybe you’ll even reduce and downsize. That is always a good thing! 

It will be tough. You had those shoes for the last 5 years and they are so comfortable. But the soles are worn down and there are holes on the bottom. It will be difficult. You bought that ski outfit 2 years ago, but you have yet to wear it OR go skiing. It can be season. You can always go shopping next year and get NEW outfits. AND you’ll have room because you will have gone through your spring and summer clothes and thinned them  out.

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