This is Post Number 66_!

09 Mar

I really liked the ABC show 666 Park Avenue. I think it had potential! But that’s for another blog post.


I was writing blog posts and I looked up and realized this is the 666th post i’ve done! I’m headed towards 2 and a half years of doing this. The number 666 carries a heavy load. It is associated with the mark of the beast, the devil, bad things. TODAY I’m choosing to look at the number as a celebration of my work on this blog. 666 posts is good and feels great. I started this blog and didn’t how long I would do this. Its nice to stop and take a look back every once in a while.

Please take a look back at some of my blogs! You might find some of them useful. You may laugh at a few. I’m s proud of this blog and glad the world is enjoying it!

Here is a link to the very first blog:

Here is a link to another early one:

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