Super Organizer Sunday- Go TO Your Drawers Right Now!

06 Mar


Today I am giving you an organizational tip! It is a decluttering/edit tip!

Go to you dresser drawers or any drawers that have socks in them.

Pair/Match up any and all socks.

Any socks that DON’T have a mate, get rid of!!!

What to do with mate-less socks:

  • if they are in fair to good condition, then they can be repurposed for dusting or polishing.
  • if they have holes or are really old, throw out!

I will add if you have laundry not done yet,keep the socks with no mate out and when you do your laundry and see there are still pair-less socks then follow the steps above.

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Posted by on March 6, 2016 in Organizing



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